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What exactly is Microblading and how is it different than other types of semi-permanent makeup or permanent makeup?

Microblading is implanting pigment or ink made for tattoos under the skin by using a hand tool rather than a machine. The hand tool has a disposable blade made up of tiny needles or pins that are set side by side to form a micro-blade. The ink will be picked up by the micro- blade so the ink flows down each pin to deliver the pigment to the waiting skin for implantation. It is then implanted by scratching the skin several times in a way that is going to form the look of crisp tiny hairs that mimic the look of a full natural eyebrow. It is slightly less permanent than regular permanent makeup done with a machine, generally.



Is Microblading permanent makeup or a tattoo?

Yes, it is a form of permanent makeup or semi permanent makeup, these terms are interchangeable because all pigment that is implanted under the skin is semi-permanent and permanent due to the fact that it is not going to wash off.  It is a tattoo that is classified as permanent cosmetics.


How long will Microblading last?

It will likely stay for 6 mos. up to one year or as long as 2 years or more, depending on what kind of pigment is used and the method of implantation. It is a tattoo yet, not implanted deeply as a body art tattoo is. (This is addressing only permanent makeup/ cosmetics, not body art.)

The length of the tattoo largely depends on lifestyle, skin type and aftercare.



When will I need to touch it up?

There is a mandatory 6-8 week touch-up that is a perfecting touch-up. After that is largely depends again, on lifestyle, skin type and aftercare. In general it should be touched up every 9 to 12 months.



Does it hurt?

The answer to this varies by individual. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain you have ever felt,  I would say it falls into a category of between 0 up to a 5. This discomfort lasts only about 1-2 minutes per brow until the template for the brow is finished. Then, a numbing cream is applied and there is generally 99-100% pain free.

If you are very sensitive and worry about pain....

You can diminish any pain if you:

Do not come during your period or just prior to it.

Do not drink caffeine the day of the procedure, it makes you much more sensitive.

Do take something for pain if you choose to just do it responsibly and no aspirin products like Aleve, aspirin, ibuprofen, no alcohol etc. 

Generally this is not needed. Many of our clients report little or no pain at all which is demonstrated by them often falling asleep! 

Am I a good candidate for Microblading or Permanent Makeup?

You are not a good candidate if:

  1. You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  2. You are on chemotherapy or have been in the past year. (Due to compromised ability to heal.)

  3. You scar or keloid.

  4. Uncontrolled diabetes or any other disease.

  5. Generally, you are under 70 years of age for Microblading and Over 76 for Permanent Make-up by machine only. (Due to thin skin and slow healing.)

  6. Have any current viruses, infections or diseases or compromised blood or autoimmune disease. (You have compromised healing.)

  7. If your immune system is not strong and healthy or compromised in any way.

  8. Skin problems, inflammation, sunburn, pimples rashes or wounds in the brow area.

  9. Heart conditions or uncontrolled blood pressure abnormalities.

  10. Are on blood thinners or immune suppressors.

  11. Organ transplant recipient.

  12. If under a doctor's care or currently ill with cold, flu, asthma, etc.

  13. Use good sense and do not put yourself needlessly at risk for healing problems or the health of the technician.

  14. You are not a good candidate if you are extremely nervous and have a lot of anxiety about the procedure. Wait until you can cope with it and are excited about it more than you are afraid. There are risks, and things can happen but, this is rare but are a reality.

  15. If you are healthy, heal well and mentally calm and ready for amazing eyebrows, you are a good candidate for microblading.



14 Days Before your Appointment,  A Must Read!


Do not wax your brows 5 days prior to your appointment.

Do not get botox or fillers for 30 days before your appointment and 2 weeks after.

(Remember your 6 week touch-up when planning these procedures.)

Do not tan 3 days prior or have a sunburn.

Do not drink alcohol 48 hours prior and 24 hours after your appointment. (It may cause migration of the ink into unwanted areas.)

Do not take aspirin products, aleve, ibuprofen etc., 5 days prior.

Do not have caffeine day of the procedure.

Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment unless they are going to wait in the waiting area. No one is allowed in the treatment room but the client who is being worked with.(Safety and sanitation.)

Do your makeup and brows the day of if you generally wear it. This is good for the tech to see and helps to determine what you are used to.

Bring pictures of brows you like if you would like to. It is good to see but, your bone structure is different than anyone else’s so we will design a brow customized just for you.



What will happen on the day of my appointment:  (Until we install online booking!  Coming soon!)


First, you will fill out paperwork in the waiting area and when finished you will be invited into the studio to begin your consultation with the technician/permanent makeup artist.


Your paperwork will be evaluated and you will have your before pictures taken.

Then, you will be given a design for your new brows. When, you absolutely love your new brow design, we will check for symmetry and double check but only after you approve your brow we will, begin the procedure. The technician will choose a color with you, and you will also approve your color before we begin.

The procedure will last up to an hour but there is a lot of down time where we wait for products to take effect, like numbing and masking with ink. You will get aftercare instructions and product for aftercare.

Before and after pictures are taken.



3D or 6D Microblade 6-8 week touch-up appointment: 1 hour

At the initial touch-up appointment the brows can be patchy and faded. This is normal and will be addressed at touch up. Symmetry will be checked again and you will discuss your brows and communicate your wishes to perfect your brows. We can sometimes slightly change the color but only slightly and we cannot lighten, only add color & strokes as in the original design.


6D Microblade Brow:

You will experience the same procedure as the 3D Brow however, the 6D brow is for those who have very sparse or missing brow hair altogether. The 3D brow is sometimes not enough to completely fool the eye as to a natural looking brow so we add a 6th dimension to the brow and shade it in with a translucent background color that mimics the natural brow where it looks like dimensional hairs. We actually “fool the eye” into seeing real hair! This is my signature effect and unique to my art. It is done with a different needle assembly and painless. A little more money but well worth the price. Add up to 15 minutes to the procedure time.



If I have a previous brow tattoo, can I microblade?

You must text a picture to 916.899.1593 for evaluation. Please call ahead and let us know about your situation. In general, if your previous tattoo is lighter in color and is a good shape or smaller than the new brow design you want, you may be able to microblade over the existing tattoo. Pricing is determined by the amount of correction or extra time needed to do the new brow. In order to microblade, the old tattoo has to be re-colored, it will be charged at the 6D price. It is not considered a yearly touch up if we have never seen you before. First time is always full price. Re-coloration is not guaranteed to last, nor is microblading as there are many variables as to pigment color change causes.

Our contact number for any questions is 916-899-1593.

If you have a medical problem, please consult your personal doctor as we are not medical professionals.

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